Saturday, April 01, 2006

Low Quality Negatives

A co-worker let me borrow his negative scanner for a while. I rooted through the boxes in the attic and found some old sleeves of negatives from High School. Unfortunately, they haven't stood up well to 20+ years and multiple moves between houses. Plus, apparently I had a camera that used very small negatives (110) for some of those years. The little ones don't scan at all.

Here's a few that I scanned in - you can see how badly they've deteriorated. These are the only ones that looked good enough for the effort. They seem to mostly be from Freshman year.

Sherry and admirers. (I spent some time fixing this one. I'm not sure it helped all that much.)

Jennelle camera shy. I think. The quality's pretty poor.

Surely these colors aren't accurate.

Most of the negatives look like this - faded and spotty.

Riding the bus ... before driving (or carpooling).

I think that's Ron Robinson....

Sherry and Michelle and ... ghosts?

I think this is Dana and Russell and Charles. Maybe at Shelley Lake?

Here's one I wish was clearer. Nice tie. I recognize Brian and Daryl.

I think this is actually from a church event, but Neal was in our class so I included it.

This one I have no clue about. Church function? Vacation? School function? And who are these two guys? All I know is that I still have that little white keyboard. Now my kids play with it.