Friday, September 23, 2005

Snapshots from the back of the book

I found an envelope in the back of my yearbook with a few snapshots in it. They aren't nearly as good as Chip's, but perhaps you'll find them amusing. Click on the little pictures for a marginally better larger picture.

Erica and Martha, danseuses.

Sherry, Pink Lady.

Neal and Meg between the buildings.

Bill, Erica, Neal, Scott, attentive in class.

Michelle in 1986 fashion glory.

Brian paying close attention to Mrs. Woolard.

Dana, Charles, and Greg ... Math class?

Russell in usual form.

Seniors get to eat off campus - and mighty cheaply.

'Nuff said.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another Scrapbook

I also had a page of photo cut-outs. (I have a suspicion that Scott and I knew the same photographer. cough cough, Russell, cough) My page long since fell apart, but I kept all the photos. Scanned all the Enloe ones back in and made a new scrapbook page out of them...

As before, click on the thumbnail to see a bigger copy. I notice a few of these were taken at NCSU after 1986, but not much after.

-- Charles Brabec (no, I don't know enough about blogs to use my own account. heh.)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Scrapbook Photos

Apparently in 1986 - in the age before digital cameras and Photoshop - I cut up the majority of my photographs and put them into a Senior Memories scrapbook. I'll see what I can do to scan in some of the interesting stuff. Here's a first attempt. Click on the photos for a more legible version.

Brian as a communist, Mrs. Woolard as a Blues Brother, Peter, Sarah Sera, Jack, Heather, Charles, Dolly, Dana, and way too many pictures of me.

Lots of people in here. Sherry, Jeff, Erica, Russell, and Kent, Shelley, Marissa, and others. Who did I miss?

Friday, September 16, 2005

A disclaimer

I have taken the liberty of posting a few pictures from our school days. I have several albums full and would like to post more. However if anyone does not want to have any pictures of themselves on this site, please let me know. My intent is only to share some memories from simpler times.

If you would like to post your own pictures, please feel free to do so. I have e-mailed the username and password to the Brian Bergin's Enloe e-mail list so that alumni may modify this blog. I only ask that you not post anything that will upset anyone unless you have their permission.

Since 20 years have passed, I grant permission for you to embarrass me with pictures from my geekier days. My wife and kids always enjoy a laugh at my expense. ;-)

Chip Lanier

Enloe Pictures

Mornings in the Senior Parking Lot. The best reason I had for getting up in the morning was so I could see these people.
I cannot remember if we won many games but we always had fun getting ready for them.
We built a castle out of cardboard for Homecoming. I am not quite sure why...
I guess the statute of limitations has expired. Rick Karen and I were the ones who climbed on the roof to put this up. Mr. Allen saw us but he let us go since we weren't harming anything.
Audrey, Hyo and Karen seem to be up to something?